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Multipower lead-acid battery MP1,2-12


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Multipower lead-acid battery MP1,2-12 with VDS approval 12 Volt 1,2 Ah - approx. dimensions in mm... more
Product information "Multipower lead-acid battery MP1,2-12"
Multipower lead-acid battery MP1,2-12 with VDS approval
12 Volt 1,2 Ah - approx. dimensions in mm 97x43x52 - approx. weight 0,65 kg

Panasonic lead-acid battery type LC-R127R2PG1

Panasonic lead-acid battery type LC-P1275P

Panasonic lead-acid battery type LC-XC1222P

Panasonic lead-acid battery type LC-P12120P

Panasonic lead-acid battery type LC-XC1228AP

Panasonic lead-acid battery type LC-R0612P1

Panasonic lead-acid battery type UPVW1245P1

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