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Our strong Brands

COPACKS and AKKUMED from Akkuplanet open up a vast potential for you

Apart from original products from renowned manufacturers, we also offer you a comprehensive, attractively priced range of our own brands. This range is being continuously developed further in alignment with specific customer requirements and our own, customer-centric innovative thinking. Apart from our own production facility, equipped with the very latest technology, we have also linked with associate manufacturers world-wide to impeccably implement the technical ideas and specifications of Akkuplanet. 
With our CoPacks and Akkumed range, we maintain a spectrum of products for you that will fully satisfy your increased requirements. And: Being a medium-scale enterprise that does not aim at short-term yields, but feels responsible to set sustainability as a goal, we are in a position to offer such innovation at especially attractive prices. Every single product has come into being in compliance with our quality management system, which conforms to the requirements of the international ISO quality standard DIN EN ISO 9001.


As a quality supplier, Akkuplanet collaborates exclusively with partners that have the highest quality reference products in their portfolio, but no sales in Germany or other countries. One example of this is the company TITAN Communication Systems headquartered in Denmark, for whom Akkuplanet has taken over sales in Germany and Austria. TITAN is a specialist for audio solutions in the area of safety and rescue-relevant applications