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Batteries for radio/wireless equipment

Without an efficient power supply, even the best walkie-talkie is of no use. Too little transmission power, too short operation times, inadequate ranges - all these can be the consequences of a battery that has become old and used-up.

Keep in mind:
Wireless batteries are consumables. Depending on how well they are cared for, they have a life of 2 to 3 years and then they have to be replaced.

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Batteries for pagers

AKKUPLANET can supply an extensive range of batteries for pagers. For every pager owner, a reliable mobile power supply is indispensable - especially so for professionals. 

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Batteries for flashlights

Be it a hand-held searchlight, a hinged-head hand-held lamp, a pocket torch, a headlamp, an LED diagnostic lamp....

...we offer an extensive selection of batteries for hand-held and pocket lamps. A reliable mobile power supply is most important for any lamp owner.

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Batteries for tools

We have a large range of powerful spare batteries for battery-powered tools. You can find them in our shop, sorted by manufacturer.

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Batteries for medical equipment

When a battery is used for medical applications, the most important aspects are reliability and safety. Whether in stationary deployment
in a hospital or in portable deployment in emergency services, the energy supply, especially for life-sustaining systems, must always be guaranteed.

Our products conform to the most stringent medical requirements. All battery packs carry the CE mark.

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Batteries for emergency lighting

When required, the emergency lighting must work reliably and when there is a power failure, get switched on within seconds. We have a large selection of high-quality, long-life replacement batteries in stock.

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Batteries for thermal imaging cameras

 We have powerful replacement battery packs suitable for devices of the manufacturers Argus, Bullard, Dräger and MSA-Auer, for example.

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Batteries for scanner

Barcode scanners or mobile data acquisition devices for industrial
applications - we stock an extensive range of batteries for the most varied equipment brands.

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Batteries for crane radio control

We stock a wide selection of batteries with high-quality NiMH- 
or NiCd cells for you.


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