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AKKUmed Lithium battery suitable for Physio Control defibrillator Lifepak 500


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AKKUmed Lithium battery suitable for Physio Control defibrillator Lifepak 500 - not rechargeable... more
Product information "AKKUmed Lithium battery suitable for Physio Control defibrillator Lifepak 500"
AKKUmed Lithium battery suitable for Physio Control defibrillator Lifepak 500 - not rechargeable
12 Volt 7,5 Ah - approx. dimensions in mm 190x74x42 - approx. weight 0,525 kg - CE-Conform
Non original

***hazardous material***
lithium batteries inside

This shipment contains Primary Lithium batteries. Do not damage or mishandle the
packages. If package is damaged, flammability hazard may exist; batteries must be
quarantined, inspected, and repacked.
- For information, call: +49 (0)2159-922 40 66

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