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The correct charging technology for a long accumulator performance

Innovative charging for single-cells, lead accumulators, car chargers, power tools, medical equipment and more

To ensure the long life of our NiCd-, Ni-MH, Li-Ion-, Li-Po- and lead accumulators, it goes without saying, we can also supply the corresponding intelligent charging technology. Our range includes both stationary chargers as well as mobile powerbanks. Our charging technology is suitable for a large number of accumulators in standard sizes. Some accumulator packs, for example, those used in medical equipment or tools, need special chargers with adequate rating, compatible ports and a robust housing – again, Akkuplanet is the expert you must approach! We offer a wide selection of professional chargers for multifarious applications. If you do not find the suitable charger in our online shop, we would be happy to manufacture customised charging systems to meet your requirements.

Be it charging technology for wireless sets, lead accumulators and medical technology, or vehicle charging cradles and power supplies: we have the optimum charging solution for your accumulators. Our team will gladly give you advice regarding our high-quality charging systems and help you to find the correct charging technology for your requirements - We will gladly advise you!

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